Fishing Kit 01 (small)

JM200 3BBs Spinning Fishing Reel Metal Spool Wheel Fishing Reel

Description: L/R
Geat Ratio:5.2:1
Position: Lake, Reservoir Pond, River, Stream, Saltwater
Ball Bearings: 3BB
Model Number:JM200

Product Details:
JM200  Weight: 150g Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 Bearing: 3BB  

Line test (LBS/YDS): 3/260  4/215  6/180

Line Capacity(mm-M): 0.18-240  0.20-195  0.25-125

1. High tensile plastic body
2. One way clutch system
3. Excellent casting and line lay
4. Micronic click drag setting
5. Ultra light aluminum spool with high strength

Note: fit on a small size rod (6ft)