technipages: How to Control iPad Remotely

1. Switch Control

The first option you have is to use the Switch Control features added in iOS 10. This limits usability as this is an interface intended for users with limited mobility as well as certain disabilities. This method also requires the “remote” iPad to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the controlling device and does not show the target iPad’s screen.

2. Remote Screen Viewer

Another option is the use of a remote screen viewer like TeamViewer QuickSupport. This doesn’t allow remote “control” though – just viewing. Someone with physical access to the iPad must perform actions.

3. VNC Server

The final method allows remote control via the internet by installing a version of VNC server, for example, the program Veency. This method, however, requires the iPad to be jailbroken, a task more and more difficult on newer devices. Furthermore, the software does not support recent iOS versions – it’s the least attractive of the three options.